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Our mission is to assist individuals, families and businesses to achieve greater financial success and security.   

Building success one puzzle piece at a time:

From small business bookkeeping, office administration, staff recruiting, staff training, software installation, financial analysis, cost monitoring and benefits implementation: health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, retirement annuities and long term care coverage, we "Blue Skies Financial" can provide solutions to make your dreams come true.  

Please explore the resource links below to learn more about the broad range of services we can provide. 

Just click on the resource links below:     

  • Financial Results, Inc.

www.financialresults.com - "The Small Business Accounting and Software Training Experts "

  •  Small Business Bookkeeping and Office Staff Training Center

www.staffvan.com - "Small Business Full Charge Bookkeeper Training Center"

  • UDOO Training - Index of Topics for Successfully Working in Small Businesses

www.udoo.biz - "Personal Guide to Successfully Working in Any Small Business."

  • Financial Results Insurance Services

www.financialresultsinsuranceservices.com  - "Insurance products for individuals, families and businesses when they need it."

To achieve success requires a plan and we can make this fist step together.


Michael Andrews, MBA
Financial Results, Inc.

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